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Discussing Everyday Issues Affecting Everyday People

- Volume 7
2/2002 thru 11/9/2002


I would like to apologize to all of those who have come to Issues for updates or sent in questions and stories for my review. I have been on a semi-successful physical therapy regiment that has assisted in the mobility and pain reduction within my leg. I am still restricted, but the relief has been worth it; however, the more I work to improve the status of my leg, the more pain I have acquired in my back. In fact, the doctors cannot even touch any portion along my spine, from the bottom of my back to my neck without causing me more pain. They seem to believe that it stems from an injury which occurred to my back just prior to the injury to my leg.

I suppose they may be correct in this assumption. I did have pain in my back but nothing I could not deal with. As the pain in my leg was lessened, I discovered the pain in my back appeared to be increasing. I suppose for all of these years that the only thing that was truly happening was that the pain was displaced due to the intensity of the pain in my leg.

Due to the pain I am experiencing, my time on the computer has been severly limited once again. Instead of spending ten minutes per hour, I have been spending ten minutes per three to four hours. I have a great many visitors to this page and a great many emails in need of answers, which includes research. I have been unable to tend to these responsibilities adequately. I do have a son and husband who attempt to assist as much as possible, but I have them doing so much for me that I cannot possibly ask for more.

Therefore, I have been discussing with various persons, the need for someone to assist in research and update of this page, which I feel is truly important. In order to do that, I must be able to provide financial revenue to whomever is selected to assist.

Since I do not have the financial resources to pay someone, I was forced to come up with a workable plan. I have a great deal of miscillaneous items, that many collect. My son and husband unpack boxes, and assist in cateloging the items, my son then places the items on ebay. Now, the drawback here is that there is a fee whether or not the items are sold. The fact of the matter is, I am barely breaking even after paying the expenses. My son has since, placed the items which have not sold on, there are no fees at this site until the items are sold.

I am asking my faithful readers to spread the word to your comrads, asking them to check out our auctions and our bargains so that we may be able to afford to hire someone to assist in keeping this page updated. You can view the items we are auctioning at ebay HERE. You can view our sales at by starting here and following the link to view sellers other items.

I appreciate your efforts on my behalf, and I must admit that you will be able to find some great deals on both of these sites. So please, drop by, take a look and spread the word.



Issues, is no longer participating in site competitions. We would like to thank all of you who loyaly voted for us.

Our Genealogy Resources

I am attempting to secure accurate information in regards to the Collins Center Cemetery. I have spoken with a few members on the Cemetery Board requesting that I be enabled to make copies of cemetery records. My son has been stopping at the cemetery daily to photograph each of the headstones. I have a file of obituaries which I am utilizing as well. This is an extremely time consumming project, for I am seeking as complete accuracy as possible, and my physical restrictions are reeking havok with this project. If there is anyone who feel s that they have a relative buried within the Collins center Cemetery and would like the information, please email me I will email you the information as soon as possible. If there is anyone out there who has information concerning the Collins Center Cemetery and would like to share it, please email me to share it.

Table of Contents

Employment & Business Section:

  1. Fired for Having a Heart Attack - The Employment At-Will Doctrine

  2. Is At-Will Out-The-Door in NY?  
  3. Workplace Violence & Employment At-Will
  4. Non-Compete Agreements
  5. Wrongful Termination
  6. State-By-State Laws: At-Will Employment
  7. Hostile Work Environments
  8. Investigate That Business
  9. Background Investigation Databases
  10. Car Buying Guide
  11. State-By-State Resources: Department of Motor Vehicles
  12. International Unclaimed Funds Databases
  13. American Unclaimed Funds Databases

Drug Tests & False-Positive Drug Tests:

  1. Reader's Dilemma: Fired For drug Test Result                       

  2. Reader's Dilemma: Update   
  3. Reader's Dilemma: Issue's Assessment
  4. Causes of False-Positive Drug Tests  
  5. Drug Testing America: Is it Worth the Cost?
  6. State-By-State: Drug Testing Laws

The Paranormal:

  1. Debating the Paranormal

  2. Fort George Ghost Tour
  3. Apparitions: A Birthday Visit
  4. Haunted Abbeville
  5. The Ghost That Didn't Like To Remodel 

Child Support

  1. Current Cases: Back Child Support
  2. Is The System Working?
  3. Caught in the Web
  4. Debate: New Child Support Laws
  5. Department of Social Services: Erie County, NY

Miscellaneous Pages:

  1. Genealogical Resources 

  2. Pain Management: The Harb Experience
  3. Site Map
  4. Archives
  5. Mail
  6. <
  7. Margaret's Country Crafts   Updated: 7/4/2002
  8. Harb Music   NEW: 6/26/2002

As always......
I wish each and every one of you a life filled with dreams and void of ISSUES!
I appreciate your patience and patronage.


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