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Background Investigating
Databases of Individuals, Companies & Organizations



Every day new public information databases are appearing online, yet million of people are still paying for programs that claim to "help you find out anything about anyone." Still others are paying groups, organizations, skip tracers, etc, to locate the information that is available to you for free. Issues has already spent a great deal of time collecting the information on available / accessible public information databases, and we have not begun to complete our listing.

Thusly, Issues has decided to publish this page online, we will make daily additions to the available databases. Issues will eventually offer a step-by-step process to background investigations. In the meantime, check out the databases listed below. Don't forget to Bookmark this page so you can return frequently.


Fun Databases:

Any Birthday Database

New York State Databases:

Who's Who: Individuals
New York State Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Clearinghouse

Who's Who: Organizations
New York State Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Clearinghouse

New York Statistical Information System

NY Database of Licensees and Registrants

NY Corporation and Business Entity Database

NY Title/Lien Status Check

Pending Civil Court Cases in NY State

Pending Criminal Cases NY State

NY State Physician Information

New York Realtor Name Search

Hospital Information NY State

Parking Ticket Status NY City

New York State Inmate Database

NY Teacher Database

North Tonawanda, NY Property Assessment Database

NY State Property Database (Real estate value; etc.)

NY State Property Search by Owner Name

NY Professional Licensing Database
Another database to check professional licenses within NY State

NY State Professional Discipline Database
Gives professional's name, date of reported misconduct, investigation summary and action taken against professional

New York State Employee Database


Military Databases:

Virtual Vietnam Memorial Wall Database

Pearl Harbor Casualy List

POW / MIA Database

Korean War Casualty Database

Vietnam Casualty Database

GI Search

Military Locator

Medal of Honor Citations

Desert Storm Casualty Database

Civil War Soldier & Sailor Database

Desert Shield / Desert Storm Veteran Database

Coast Guard Detained Vessel Database

Vietnam Veteran Database

World War I Draft Registration Database Buddy Finder



Indiana Databases:

Indiana Inmate Database

Kansas Databases:

Recently Released INmates

Kansas Parolees

Kansas Inmate Search

Witchita Warrents

Louisiana Databases:

Orleans Parish Inmate Database

Massachusetts Databases:

Franklin Police Deaprtment Warrents

Nevada Databases:

Clark County Court Cases

New Mexico Databases

New Mexico Court Cases

Barber & Cosmetology Licenses Database

New Mexico Corporation Database

Dental Licenses

Rhode Island Databases:

Health Professional Licencee Database

Physician License Database



Florida Databases:

Polk County Active Warrent Database

Polk County Past & Presnt Inmate Database

Brevard County Court Cases

Florida Ficticious Name Database

Florida Professional License Search

Florida Offender Information Database

Florida Supervised Inmate Population Database

Florida Professional Licencees

Illinois Databases:

Macon County Court Cases

Illinois Inmate Database

Minnesota Databases:

Minnesota Inmate Database

Michigan Databases:

Michigan Inmate Database

Wyoming Databases:

Wyoming Inventor Database

Wyoming Insurance: Agent, Agency, Company Database

Wyoming Controlled Substance Practitioner Database

Wyoming Physician / Physician Assistant Database

Cheyenne/Laramie County Wyoming Property Information Database

Clerk of Teton County, Wyoming, Public Records Search

Wyoming Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors Roster Search

Wyoming Board of Certified Public accountants Database

Alabama Databases:

Alabama Inmate Database

Alabama Accountant Database

Alabama Auctioneer Database

Alabama Insurance Agent / Agency Licencess

Alabama Corporation & Notary Database

Maine Databases:

Maine Corporation Database

Tennessee Databases:

Tennessee Professional Licensees

Arizona Databases:

Arizona Inmate Database

Arizona Court Cases

Arizona Corporation Database

Maricopa County, Arizona, Recorded Document Search

West Virginia Databases:

West Virginia Court of Claims Database

California Databases:

Los Angeles County Inmate Database

San Diego County Inmate Database

California's Most Wanted Database

California Death Row Inmates

California Medical Licencees

California Business Search

Utah Databases:

Utah Business Entity Database

Utah Professional Licensees

Arkansas Databases:

Arkansas Notary Search

Arkansas Incorporation Database

Arkansas Inmate Locator

Georgia Databases:

Fulton County Inmate Database

Gwinnett County Detention Center Database

Gwinnett County Court Cases

Georgia Corporation Database

Georgia Inmate Database

North Carolina Databases:

North Carolina INmate Database

Hawaii Databases:

Hawaii Corporation Database

Washington Databases:

Seatle Washington 911 Call Database

Ohio Databases:

Cuyahoga Criminal Court

Hamilton County Court Database

Ohio Inmate Database

Kentucky Databases

Kentucky Inmate Database

Kentucky Death, Marriage & Divorce Index

Virginia Databases:

Virginia Health Professional Database

Colorado Databases:

Marriage (1975-2001) & Divorce (1968-2001) Database

Oklahoma Databases:

Oklahoma Physician Search

Statistical Databases:

State-By-State Statistical Information

U.S. Arrest Statistics

State-By-State Facts

Alaska Databases:

Alaska Occupational Licensing Database

Alaska State Employee Database

Canadian Databases:

Canadian Judicial Database





National Databases:

Douglas Database of American Oratory

People in U.S. Government Agencies Database

Unclimed Person Database (Deceased persons whose remains have not been claimed

People in U.S. Government Database

Adoption Retriever Information

Publicly Traded Company Information

State-By-State Sex Offender Registries

State-by-State inmate Database

Port State Information exchange:
Vessel Search

Individual Campaign Contributors

Campaign Contributors Via Zip code

State-By State Listing of Bankruptcy Courts
Many with searchable databases.

Government: Documents, Records, Etc, Multiple Database Search

Business Sanction Database
From the Center of Immigration Studies

FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) Listing

Airline/Air Operator Certificate Information by Name

power pilot certificate AND medical or glider pilot certificate without medical

Certifications: Airframe & Power plant Mechanics

Aviation Designated Examiners

Airport Records

State-By-State Lawyer Locator

Guide Star: Non-Profit Organization Database

Funeral Home & Cemetery Database

Dentist Database

Certified Pilot Search

Wanted Criminal Databases States: Alabama - Montana

Wanted Criminal Databases: States: Nebraska to Wyoming

Better Business Bureau: Check out a Company Database

The Dead People Server is a database of interesting celebrities who are long dead, newly dead or might plausibly be dead.

Social Security Death Index


US-Russia Joint Commission Documents Database

Speed Traps USA

Missing Kids Database

AMA Physician Database

Searchable Newspaper archives across U.S.

Expert Witness Database

Executive Compensation Database

Federal Inmate Database

Massage Therapist Database: United States & Canada

Business Research Center

State-By-State Public Records Online
State-by-state FREE public record search

Short biographies of Famous People Database

Basic directory and credit information for 12 million U.S. companies

Borrowers in default of The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Health Education Assistance Loan (HEAL)

Federal Inmate Locator




Demographic Reports By Zip Code

Scroll to bottom of page for database

International Databases:

The Catalog of the European Commission Libraries

Gabriel: Gateway To Europe's National Libraries

Danish Emmigration Database

Danish Immigration Database (1812-1914)

Danish Immigration Database (1776-1960)

Index to Inward Overseas Unassisted Passengers from Foreign Ports 1852 - 1859 (BY SURNAME) Victoria Canada

The Sainte Helene's medal Database (405,000 soldiers were decorated between 1857 and 1870; 350,000 French soldiers and 55,000 foreign soldiers (countries of origin include Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Germany and Denmark])

Australian Business Registry Database

Company Information: U.K.

Disqualified Directors Database: U.K.

Employment & Business Section:

  1. Fired for Having a Heart Attack - The Employment At-Will Doctrine

  2. Is At-Will Out-The-Door in NY?

  3. Workplace Violence & Employment At-Will
  4. Non-Compete Agreements

  5. Wrongful Termination

  6. State-By-State Laws: At-Will Employment

  7. Hostile Work Environments

  8. Car Buying Guide

  9. State-By-State Resources: Department of Motor Vehicles

  10. Investigate That Business

  11. Background Investigation Databases

  12. International Unclaimed Funds Databases

  13. American Unclaimed Funds Databases

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