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Investigate That Business
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A few issues concerning businesses have crossed our desks. While I have not had adequate time to approach the issues that have been presented, I have decided that businesses could create as much of an issue with the public as Government, Politicians and similar institutions. I shall delve into the issues that I have been confronted with, but in the meantime, there are places you can locate information concerning businesses and their activity.

Issueshas finally been able to answer some of the questions involving non-compete agreements. Be sure to read the non-compete section and follow the links for further information

I have been in contact with Charles Mueller, Editor of ANTITRUST LAW & ECONOMICS REVIEW regarding the issues noted in the center column of this page. Mr. Mueller has been extremely kind in his guidence towards finding answers to to the posed questions. I suggest to all who have such concerns to check out the ANTITRUST LAW & ECONOMICS REVIEW and then revert to the Sherman Act for more specific information.

I am continuing to research these issues and this page will be updated in regards to the issues ASAP

In the meantime, check out the databases on this page and investigate that business! You may wish to ruin the American Dream of making money from other's lack of insight and visit out totally free databases for American and International Unclaimed Funds



Collective Bargaining Agreements
Gives Union Name, worker count and contract expiration date.

Unfair Labor Practices
Gives decisions on Unfair Labor Practice Cases

Business Products

Labor Union Registry
Gives active Union information by state or zip code

Labor Statistics
State-by-state labor statistics

Employer Identification Number (EIN) Finder
Must Register for Free Service Find EIN by employer, state or zip code search Also has reverse EIN look-up

Licensed Persons/
Businesses in New York State

Gives NY State license information via license ID number, licensee name or business name

Corporation &
Business Entities in New York State

Gives entity name, county of business, original DOS registration date, corporate jurisdiction and entity type

Black Book USA
State-by-state directory for corporate information and licensing information

Physician Directory
& Misconduct
New York State

Lists medical basics and any professional misconduct or medical malpractice issues



Topics Presently Being Addressed:

Are Non-Compete Agreements Legal
From Phillips Nizer Benjamin Krim & Ballon llp

From The Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School

If Non-Compete Agreements Are Legal, Are There Any Standards That An Agreement Must Follow?
From Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C.

From The New York Law Journal

Is It Legal For A Mall, Fair or Festival To Allow A Business To Buy An "Exclusive" That Would Keep Like Businesses From Doing Business On The Property?
From USA Today


Exclusive dealing with 70% share

Can A Business Buy An Exclusive At A Fair Just To Keep Other Like Businesses From Doing Business There? (i.e. Without The Purchasing Company Actually Doing Business At That Location Either?)
This is a question best addressed to an anti-trust media contact.

The Competition Policy Institute

For want of an advocate

What Constitutes A Monopoly?


Did you ever wonder who contributed to whose campaign?
Here's your chance to find out!






Physician Information

Gives physician name, business address, business phone, gender, medical school, year of graduation, residency training, year of graduation, type of practice, special certification and professional activity

Court Cases Across
NY State

Lists all pending civil and criminal cases before NY State Courts

Basic Company Info
Gives company basics for any company within the USA

Trademark Database
Allows you to check registered Trademarks, Check the status of a trademark or register for a trademark online

NY Professional Licensing Database
Another database to check professional licenses within NY State

NY State Professional
Discipline Database

Gives professional's name, date of reported misconduct, investigation summary and action taken against professional

Mailing Options

Business Research Center

State-By-State Public Records Online
State-by-state FREE public record search

Demographic Reports By Zip Code

Scroll to bottom of page for database

Employment & Business Section:

  1. Fired for Having a Heart Attack - The Employment At-Will Doctrine

  2. Is At-Will Out-The-Door in NY?

  3. Workplace Violence & Employment At-Will
  4. Non-Compete Agreements

  5. Wrongful Termination

  6. State-By-State Laws: At-Will Employment

  7. Hostile Work Environments

  8. Car Buying Guide

  9. State-By-State Resources: Department of Motor Vehicles

  10. Investigate That Business

  11. Background Investigation Databases

  12. International Unclaimed Funds Databases

  13. American Unclaimed Funds Databases

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