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Child Support Laws

Child Support & Enforcement Laws

Can Child Support be the root of all evil?
I believe the answer to that question is YES!

My Story:

My first husband and I separated ten years ago. He did everything to assure my life would be difficult, I believe it was his way to force me to return to him. I was determined to make a life away from him, for reasons I feel are unimportant to this discussion. According to the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) Chart I was to have received $8475.00 as an annual benefit or a monthly benefit of $706.25. My ex remained adamant about not paying any more than $110.00 a month, I agreed despite the concerns of the marital referee. My reason to forfeit my rights under the law: I felt the law unfair. I was the spouse who wanted to end the marriage; I was the spouse that was responsible for my decision.

At that point in time, I could find only a part time job; including the $110.00 child support my two children and I lived on just a little over $400.00 a month. My children and I had enough money for bare necessities. My bills were not paid on time, but none of my utilities were shut off. We had food, and one can learn to be extremely creative on an excessively tight budget. Eventually, life brightened.

My Assessment
What Is Really Wrong With The New Child Support Laws
And The Child Support Collection Units

These days custodial parent are leisurely waiting for years to pass before taking the support-paying parent to court for back child support. In some cases, as the one we are following, the custodial parent is obtaining funds from the support-paying parent while waiting their time to pounce on the support-paying parent, utilizing the ‘dead beat’ theory to obtain a double jeopardy ruling against the support-paying parent. In today’s system, the support paying parent can be forced by law to loose their home, have their driving privileges suspended, have any assets taken, have their professional licenses revoked; which in turn will cause them to loose their job. The system will take income taxes, lottery winnings, inheritances, retirement income, and even gifts of the support-paying parent. Despite the fact that the child support system has just taken every worldly possession the support-paying parent owns, has been responsible for the loose of the support paying parent’s job, the system still insists that the support be paid, or the support paying parent will be jailed. Did anyone think that the ability to pay child support is not universal and needs to be geared towards the individual?

The child support law officers and hearing examiners look for receipts. Receipts and only receipts tell the story; there is nothing in between. Today’s child support system does not care if parents use children as pawns, or even if the support-paying parent is taking on more responsibility than a visitation requires, nor does the system care if the support money is being utilized as an asset to the children or an asset to the custodial parent’s lifestyle. Today’s child support system does not look at the human or emotional links of father, mother and children, it simply looks at a dollar and cent bottom line, and in the process the child support system is breaking its own laws, in other words; the laws seem to allow an inadvertent penalty with the by-product worsening and/or kindling new problems.

(Read Dave's story) and
The Testimony of Ronald K. Henry, Attorney-At-Law,
Before the Subcommittee on Human Resources, Committee on Ways and Means, United States House of Representatives,
June 30, 1992

Does it not seem strange that the implementation of these policies are being funded by Philanthropic Groups, the groups who claim to be based on humanitarian aspects.

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