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At-Will Employment
Fired For Having Heart Attack

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.
- Mark Twain

This page is dedicated to reviewing on-line essays and other forms of documentation concerning the at-will doctrine. It is customized to take you, the reader, to sites designed to explain the at-will doctrine and what it means to you as an employee in the United States (with the exception of Montana residents)

Rick Kelley of South Carolina found out about the at-will doctrine the hard way; he reacted incorrectly to a coronary complication he suffered while on the job. Imagine that, have a heart attack and loose your job! Sound far fetched? Not if you live in an at-will state; your job can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all; as Rick learned nearly two years ago. Rick is not alone, approximately 80% of the American Employee Population faces the same issue daily, just ask Charlie from New York.

Rick had another issue he felt would assist him with this problem regardless of the law or lack thereof he is disabled. Unfortunately, all Rick received from the National Council on Disabilities was an email noting: "Although Congress has recently increased funding for some agencies' ADA enforcement activities, the long period of inadequate funding by Congress has taken its toll on ADA."

As a citizen of the United States you have an option, it's called VOTING. Complain to your lawmakers, if you don't get satisfaction, Vote your representative out of office and start fresh. It is the only protection offered against unfair laws!

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Attorney and consultant, Dr. Ronald B Standler has some excellent essays concerning various laws, statutes and torts.
Click here to read Dr. Standler's essay on the at-will doctrine.
For more information on Dr. Standler and his essays visit
this page.  

A Critique of the American At-Will Doctrine:

An interesting look at both the American and European employment systems by Korean Citizen: Seok-Hyeon Kim

A Definition of At-Will Employment by LRI Management Services

Media Coverage of The At-Will Doctrine
WorkForce Magazine

CFO Magazine

Regulation (The Cato Review of Business & Government)


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Statutes & Bills regarding at will employment

Does your State allow any of the THREE at-will exceptions?

At-Will Information for the Ohio State General Assembly

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Several distinct cases involving the at-will doctrine and wrongful termination exist today. Supreme Court Decisions as well as State and Federal Appellate Courts deal with this issue daily.

A Case from The Illinois State Bar Association

From Erie County, NY Bar Association

For more Case Law Visit Lexis One click on free case law, choose your state, use wrongful termination as a key word search

Another look at At-Will Employment by Career Builders

Media Coverage of the At-Will Doctrine
USA Today

USA Today Magazine


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