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International Unclaimed Funds
Free International Databases

Issues hopes that this will help our Canadian and other International readers locate missing property. We apologize that the list is not as extensive as that of the United States, we did the best search we could to locate information for you.
If anyone has additional information they would like to share with our readers, please contact us.

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International Unclaimed Funds

Dormant Swiss Bank Accounts

Unclaimed Swedish Accounts

Frozen Swiss Bank Accounts

Holocaust Era Swiss Bank Accounts

Unclaimed money from shares and other money from companies

New South Wales Unclaimed Monies

French Unclaimed Funds

Australian Unclaimed Funds


The Following Companies in Canada Must be Called to conduct an Unclaimed Fund Search:

Altamira Financial Services Ltd.
604 687-7926

Associates Financial Life Insurance Company
1 800 285-8623

BC Life & Casualty Company
1 888 275-4672

British Columbia Pension Corporation
1 800 663-8823
or 250 387-1002

Computershare Ltd.
1 888 661-5566

Haven't located any property yet? Keep searching! Who knows, maybe there is something waiting for you in America. Check it out!
Don't forget to check out our other business page.



Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company
Heritage General Insurance Company
JC Penney Life Insurance Company
Legacy General Insurance Company
1 800 598-6918

Concordia Life Insurance Company
1 800 561-1268 (individual)
1 800 267-0215 (group)

Empire Life Insurance Company
1 800 561-1268 (individual)
1 800 267-0215 (group)

Fidelity Investments
1 800 263-4077

The Great West Life Assurance Company
204 946-1190
call collect

HSBC Investment Funds (Canada) Inc.
1 800 830-8888

More International Info:

Info on Irish Dormant Accounts

New Zealand IRD Unclaimed Funds

Isreal Dormat Accounts

Missing IRS Refunds

Missing Pension Money

VA Insurance Benefits

NY Life Insurance Unclaimed Funds

Missing Heir Database

Banruptcy Unclaimed Funds

Lost Money

Judgement Funds




Laurentian Trust Company of Canada Inc.
800 522-1846

London Life Insurance Company
877 566-5433

The National Life Assurance Company of Canada
416 585-8814

Pacific Blue Cross
888 275-4672

The Prudential Insurance Company of America
800 591-7779

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
800 786-5433 Ex 8954

Wawanesa Life
800 263-6785

Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Co.
877 772-7797

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