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Haunted Abbeville
The Ghost That Didn't Like To Remodel

In Haunted South Carolina
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Issues continues the tale of The Ghost That Didn't Like To Remodel.

Author Nancy Roberts believes that Ghosts still walk in South Carolina, claiming that unexplained occurrences repeatedly confound even the most skeptical among us. Being indirectly involved with one South Carolina ghost, I must admit, I do believe that ghost at least walk through the village of Abbeville, South Carolina.

After having read about the ghostly occurrences I am sure that our readers are ready to view the proof, so here we go. It is important for our readers to understand that these pictures are not all from the same roll of film, and that other pictures on these films show no evidence of paranormal activity.

I am sure our readers are intensely interested in the picture that changed upon being scanned, then crashed computers around the world. This picture Big Bunny has named Ghost4

It appears that a curtain is blowing in the wind, yet when the brightening and contrast are adjusted, you will see the streak is by far  NO CURTAIN!

(Hopefully Issues will not be getting complaints of computer crashes.) I will admit that uploading these photos was quite the task! The pictures scanned perfectly, I placed them on a disk and viewed them on a second computer, again they were perfect. I uploaded them to the web, even my skeptical husband could not figure out why the pictures appeared distorted. My husband and I took turns uploading the pictures to the web, deleting them and uploading them again, each time, the photos appeared distorted. Now of course, I am beating my head against the wall for deleting the distorted pictures, because the very next day they all uploaded perfectly!

Back to the pictures! The next three pictures were taken on the same roll of film; the pictures were snapped in quick succession of one another. Notice how the Apparition seems to intensify within the succession of photos.


This picture was taken in the living room at the completion of the restoration project. As in the other photos, the Apparition appears only in photos where renovations are to, or have occurred.

The ghosts seem to be following Big Bunny, no matter where she went. If she made any changes whatsoever, an apparition would appear in the photograph just prior to or of the renovated area. Here the reader will see the little garden Big Bunny had planted around the mailbox, and again an apparition close by.

The ghost even followed Big Bunny into her back yard! Issues can offer an explanation regarding this picture. The sunlight filtering through the leaves on the tree could be responsible for this apparition. However, after handing the photo to several persons for evaluation, I must report that the initial reaction of each of the evaluators was: "There's a person sitting in front of that tree!"

Despite the disappearance of Big Bunny's tools and remodeling supplies, despite her concerns over rooms being messed up after she had cleaned them and despite the evidence provided in the pictures; Big Bunny's family remained skeptical about the haunting. Skeptics, however, have a way of converting when they become the target of ghostly aggressions. Big Bunny's son and daughter-in-law stayed at the house when they were in town. The daughter-in-law became a target of ghostly aggression. One may feel she was being forewarned of the aggressive attitude geared towards her as they examine the photo of the young woman taken just prior to any ghostly attacks. Notice the energy surrounding the young woman as she arranges knickknacks on the newly remodeled mantle.

As ghostly activity began to increase at Big Bunny's home, it also became centered around the young couple; or more specifically towards the young woman staying here. One day, the young women entered her bedroom to have an 8-inch tall, solid ceramic chess queen, made for her by her son, hurl across the room, hitting the young woman on the hand. She ran from the room crying and carrying the pieces of the broken queen. The back of her hand was very red, a large bump beginning to rise. One large painful lump later, found the young woman turning towards belief in the paranormal.

That was the only true act of aggression experienced in the house. Although the entity did continue to bother the young woman, a person those close to her considered really finicky and neat. As usual, the young woman assured that everything was clean and in its place, even vacuuming prior to having dinner. The family was eating when they all heard a noise coming from room shared by the young couple. The young woman went to investigate; she found footprints.

(The reader needs to realize that a person would have had to pass through the dining area to walk into the room in question, the family guarantees Issues that no one had entered or left the room.) The young woman called to the family, who went to see what she was making such a fuss over.Big Bunny quickly grabbed a camera and took pictures before her daughter-in-law could vacuum away the evidence. It appeared that someone had walked through plaster dust prior to walking across the carpet. The prints appeared to be of a barefoot, small woman or large child but definitely smaller than anyone's prints who lived in the household.

The young couple remained the target of ghostly pranks. One night, they arrived at the house at roughly two in the morning to find a picture drawn on the mirror in the bathroom. The young man quickly awakened his mother, wanting her to "Fix" the bathroom so the ghost would leave them alone. Big Bunny "fixed" it all right; after several failed attempts to take a photo of the mirror; she placed a piece of paper over the mirror, tracing the drawing out before scrubbing the mirror clean.

Issues has found a strange, but interesting piece of information in connection with the drawing. When one turns the drawing sideways, it becomes a fish. Maybe there is a significance between the photo scanning into a fish and the drawing on the mirror!?

There is one other piece of significant information that offers the suggestion of a haunting: The gentleman who lived in this house has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He claims to have seen a man, woman and a boy about 12 years old standing in the dining room one morning when he got up. He didn't seem at all upset by his sighting; it was more something quite natural and expected.

So now, the story has been told, the pictures viewed, and it is up to our readers to decide: Are These Ghostly Pranks?"

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