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Edition 5 - Volume 1
5/5/2002 thru 5/11/2002

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Issues has made another addition to our business section We has added a section devoted to non-compete agreements. While no Federal Statutes exist concerning non-compete agreements, some states have statutes making them totally invalid, while other states have limited the scope of the non compete.



Issues is still involved in finding a solution for Bill from South Carolina. Recapping the issue, Bill lost his job as an OTR Trucker when he falsely tested positive for amphetamines. Despite the fact that Bill is taking the medication, Adipex, an amphetamine-like prescription drug which is known to create false-positive drug test results. He was also taking OTC sinus medication with ingredients known to create a false-positive drug test result, he was immediately released from his job. Bill was given a NIDA 5-panel urinalysis, there was no gas chromatography test administered as a follow-up to the urinalysis.

Issues has been in contact with the DOT, the administrators of the laws regarding drug testing and OTR Drivers, (note: state laws differ drastically regarding drug testing) as well as the FDA on this matter. Christine S Parker of the FDA has responded to our questions regarding Adipex as follows: "I have looked into the question about phentermine (Adipex) and positive drug tests. From the sources available, phentermine is clearly related to amphetamines; whether it can cause a positive drug test, I don't know." Christine offered Issues alternative avenues of research. We also received a response from, Jean-Paul Andrivet of "As Phentermine is similar chemically to Amphetamines, it may cause a positive result in urine screening tests for Amphetamines. However, we recommend that you obtain additional information to support the fact that phentermine may screen positive for amphetamines. This may depend on how the test device actually works." Our research on this matter shall continue.

Although this issue is being investigated, as to accuracy of testing, etc., Bill has a new issue to deal with; the possible loss of his home. Even though Bill managed to locate other employment, his gross salary is now one half of what he previously made. So, while he struggles to clear his record from the false accusation of drug usage, he must also struggle to keep the home he worked so diligently to obtain.

Issues extends an apology for its inability to update this page for this weeks edition, however a new page involving the inaccuracy of drug testing, and the waste of the government in regards to this subject has been added.



Issues is still researching the at-will employment issues. If you have yet to read about Rick from South Carolina or Charlie from New York, please inform yourself of their plight.

Issues is continuing our investigation and repsorts on this topic. Next week (5/12/2002) Issues will look at hostile work environments.



Please be patient. I spend every moment my leg allows working at this ezine, unfortunately that amounts to less than two hours daily. Please support the affiliate advertisers of this site, help us become self-sufficient so that a full time staff member can be added.



As always......I wish each and every one of you a life filled with dreams and void of ISSUES!
I appreciate your patience and patronage.

APRIL 2002

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The child support issue rages on. Last week Issues reported: "Issues also received a variety of complaints about the system. Complaints that include: courts being far more tolerant towards women who owe child support than the system is to men; monies continuously being withdrawn from support paying parent well after payments have been deemed to stop; payments taken from support paying parent but not reaching payee; and non-returns of overpayment or partial returns of overpayment to support paying parent. Each of the received complaints involved the Erie County, New York Child Support Enforcement Unit. These complaints appear indicative of a dysfunctional entity; and offer the opinion that the New York State Child Support Enforcement Unit is one of the most unorganized, inefficient, troublesome entities in all of this country."

This week Issues revisits the the back child support case we have been following. We have learned first-hand what happens to support paying parents once they enter this system.

It is the opinion of Issues that this system meant to protect the children and keep them from falling into poverty; instead wastes taxpayer money, creates animosity between the parents, and as a result breaks down every piece of the family unit that had been left intact within this country, severing the emotional stability of the children the laws were meant to protect.


During the moth of May Issues will be debating the matter of child support, back child support, the new child support laws, and the extremely dysfunctional system we refer to as The Child Support Collection Unit.


Bonnie a single female from New York, found herself in a dilemma for working two jobs! In order to meet life's necessities, Bonnie finds it necessicary to work two jobs. A work slow-down necessitated a cut back from five to three days at her job. A "shared work" agreement with the Department of Labor; Unemployment Division, provided a means for persons affected by the slowdown to collect unemployment. This agreement however, does not apply to those working a second job. Similar rules apply for those who are forced to collect New York State disability where two jobs are involved.

Bonnie feels that the laws of the state are meant to "PUNISHED" those who try to help themselves.

Issues is presently investigating Bonnie's problems in hopes of locating a solution. In the meantime, we urged all New York State residents to contact their local lawmakers regarding the penalty for working two jobs. Remember Bonnie could have chosen to join the ranks of Social Services Recipients, instead of helping herself. The welfare reform act is meant to make people and families self-sufficient, yet those who attempt to do just that without relying on the welfare system are penalized for their attempts.



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