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Drug Testing America
Is It Worth The Cost?

Issues investigation of prescription and OTC drugs, which have been known to create a false-positive drug test result, may assist you if your employer conducts routine drug testing. You may never have used an illegal substance in your life, yet Issues has learned that you can still falsely test positive for illegal substance usage. This factor could cost you your job, your home, and your sanity. In an effort to help our readers hold onto their sanity, Issues has decided to conduct a more extensive research of the problem.

Issues looked to drug testing companies, medical centers and other legal and governmental entities to provide our readers with the answers here is what we located:

Stat America Drug Testing Company indicated, "There are more than 100 prescription medications that can cause an initial positive drug result. Therefore, it is essential that all drug-screening programs include the services of a qualified Medical Review Officer to confirm the legitimate use of prescription drugs and to protect the individual rights of the donor."

A report by indicated, "Many prescription drugs can cause TRULY POSITIVE lab results... for virtually all substances except PCP, LSD, and "mushrooms."

Dr. Kent Holtorf, medical doctor and anesthesiologist, the nation's leading expert on the inadequacies of drug testing and author of Ur-ine Trouble claims "more false positives than accurate tests are reported by drug testing laboratories."

The ACLU reports that "Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen have shown up positive on the marijuana test."

The Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center indicates the alternative, saying: "Valium reportedly can produce erroneous indications of PCP." So, who should you believe?

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While the Ohio Southeastern Medical Center scoffs at anything but drug usage testing positive for that particular drug.

The Department of Justice indicates: "It is possible for a legal substance to interact with a substance in a urine speciman resulting in a 'false-positive.'"

Studies conducted by the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AAAC) have found that the error rate in drug testing is around 3%.

The Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development say: "Today, tests have been refined to the point where this (false-positives) does not occur." The department does however issues a warning against true "false" positives, in regards to such items as poppy seeds on your bagel.

Even the Canadian Human Rights Commission has indicated their belief that "Over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen (Advil) have shown positive on the marijuana test.


The research Paper Drug Testing and Labor Productivity; Estimates Applying a Production Function Model by Edward Shepard and Thomas Clifton indicates: "Overall, the findings of the CDUW do not provide strong support for drug testing. The CDUW evaluated studies related to drug testing and productivity and found "few systematic studies relating drug-testing programs to workers' productivity, and those that had been done were often flawed in significant ways."

The United States Government spends $20 billion a year on the war against drugs, with individual state government spending nearly that much as well. The drug testing industry is making an approximate $1 Billion per year to drug test workers. America sues the tobacco industry, yet revenues from cigarette taxes gross states millions annually per state. While all of these issues take priority with American lawmakers, the alcohol industry remains untargeted.
I find that a 1991 survey by the DOJ concerning criminal behavior and substance use between 18 and 49 year olds tells the greatest tale of all. While the war on drugs rages crimes distinct to alcohol follow in close pursuit. The United States government continues to taunt and harass the tobacco industry, yet there seems to be no more than a minor conflict against alcohol. For appearance sake: the priorities of the United

States Government seem lapse, and for lawmakers to back drug testing by enacting laws in the testing industry defense, when controversy and statistics prove the tests can be and in many cases are inaccurate, is absurd.

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