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Discussing Everyday Issues Affecting Everyday People

Edition 7 - Volume 2
5/19/2002 thru 5/25/2002

Editions 1 thru 6 are now archived,
with a complete Table of Contents for all archived materials. Issues also has a complete site map.

so that you can visit weekly.


Last week Issues took our readers on a journey into the unknown. To examine the topic of paranormal phenomena Issues investigated by taking a Ghost Tour at Fort George, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada. We also examined what appears to be a visit from the beyond. Relive our experience, examine our photos, but don't stop there......we have more paranormal activities to share!

Issues takes our readers on an historical, journey through Abbeville, South Carolina, allowing our readers to discover for themselves why Abbeville may be the site of psychic hotspots. From there Issues tells a ghostly tale of an Abbeville, haunting!

As if two years of dealing with a ghostly apparition determined to stop their home from being remodeled wasn't enough.... This ghost continues to haunt those determined to expose its existence! Issues determination beat the ghost! the full story with pictures is now available!

After reviewing our Adventures into the Paranormal tell us.......



A New Craft Site

Issues has been asked to assist in the creation of a new website;

Margaret's Country Crafts

a local Western New York Crafter whose work and creativity has graced Western New York craft shows for the past seven years. Margaret is ready to expand and has asked Issues to assist.

We've offered our advice, and some basic HTML highlights and turned her loose! Now, we're asking our readers to stop by

Margaret's Country Crafts

take a look around and drop her a line tell her what you like, or dislike about her site. Feel free to question her about any aspect of her Unique Crafts; and please, tell her Issues sent you!

Search This Site:


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"Top of the 'Net"



For those of you who are new to Issues one of our reader's was terminated from his job when he tested positive for amphetamines. This has been an ongoing topic with a great deal of investigation. Learn what Issues has discovered and the next plan of action.


Read Issues ongoing coverage of the NEW dysfunctional child support collection units. Issues is determined to prove the new system is unfair, dysfunctional and cheats the very persons it was set up to protect, American Children. Join in on our debate, or tell us your own horror story in connection with the new child support laws.



Is it possible that the topics Issues has been relating concerning the Child Support Collection Unit in Erie County, NY stem from the overseeing entity: The Department of Social Services? Read this weeks assessment and judge for yourself.


Issues has decided to take a step back in time. This year we Issues will take a step back in time, retracing the Wars that have served to shape America into what we know it as today. We will also pick a few Veterans to honor during this time of reflection.

Issues entire 8th Edition will be devoted to the men and women who served this country in times of war.

A Special section will be dedicated to memorials made by our readers. Forward your remembrances to Issues

Issues will also be happy to forward your dedication to friends and family members for you. Just drop us a line.


As always......I wish each and every one of you a life filled with dreams and void of ISSUES!

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