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False Positive Drug Test


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*This page received more hits than any other page in this ezine on 4/15/2002. To be able to fully understand this issue, please use the site guide across the top of the page to visit Drug Testing Goofs and visit the links on both drug testing goofs and reader's issues. Please also check out the labor issue links to realize how few rights American Workers hold

I received an email from "Bill" in South Carolina concerning a recent termination from his employment. Bill has agreed to allow "Issues" to share his recent dilemma with other readers

I am writing this from Bill's site as it is him it happened too. Bill is 6'4" and over 300 pounds. The doctor put him on some diet pills but didn't tell him the pills had amphetamines in them. Bill is a trucker so has to do regular drug screening.
Recently, while his partner was driving, and he was asleep in the sleeper, they were rear ended but another big rig. Anytime and accident occurs, all drivers must be tested. Bill's test came back positive for amphetamines. The company fired him.
Bill went to the doctor who called and followed up with a written letter about the diet pills. Bill also went to the pharmacy and got a protocol sheet and took it to his bosses. They said they did not care they had to take the word of the testing company who said there was not a diet pill on the market that had amphetamines in them and that their staff doctor stated the same thing.
Bill tried to appeal the firing but they would not back down saying they had no choice except to take the word of the testing company and their doctor.
I have sent you, via snail mail, the protocol sheet and the test results and the name and address of the company he worked for.
I don't know if there is anything that can be done short of hiring an attorney and he hasn't the money to do that. I know there are attorneys who take cases like this on contingency sometimes but it is hard to find them and neither of us really has time. He has started a new job today but it doesn't pay him what he needs to cover his bills. I will turn my pay over to him to help try to save the house but I am not sure even that is going to be enough. We will survive though. We always do, it just may be that we survive without this house. (Please read our page on drug testing goofs.)

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APRIL 2002

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Some states, such as Arizona have laws protecting employers from lawsuits when a false-positive testing has been proven, on employer ordered drug tests.

Connecticut law states that prior to dismissing an employee a second drug test utilizing a gas chromatography and mass spectrometry methodology, must also be returned with positive results.


Issues has been notified that Adipex appears on a list of drugs causing a false-positive drug test.

DEA's (Drug Enforcement Agency's) Web site.
There is an excellent book which they have placed on the web by the DEA regarding drugs of abuse, many of which you will find are prescription drugs

I am also giving you the link to the DEA's Contact Page

Drug Testing Issues by ACLU

USDOT Regulations on Drug Testing

The South Carolina Bar Association

FDA Report on Adipex

More FDA Links

The South Carolina Branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

South Carolina Code of Laws



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*5- Panel Drug Tests

Bill was given an NIDA 5 Drug Panel Test (according to documentation from the drug testing company). From what I understand, this is the most common drug test, which tests for cannabis, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP. The test results indicated that the amphetamine was broken into amphetamine and methamphetamine
Since I am not a medical professional, I am seeking the following answer, Since Methamphetamine is only chemically related to amphetamines, as is adipex (i.e. Brand Names: Adipex-P; Anoxine-Am; Atti-Plex P; Behapront; Curban; Dapex-37.5; Fastin; Fastophen; Minobese-Forte; Obe-Mar; Obe-Nix; Obephen; Obermine; Obestin-30; Oby-Cap; Oby-Trim; Ona-Mast; Panbesy; Panbesyl; Panbesyl Nyscaps; Panshape M; Phentercot; Phentride; Phentrol; Pro-Fast; Redusa; Supramine; T-Diet; Tara-30; Teramin; Termene; Tora; Umine; Umi-Pex 30; Zantryl (Foreign brand names outside U.S. in italics)For Categories: Amphetamines; Anorexients/CNS Stimulants; Appetite Suppressants; Central Nervous System Agents; Obesity; Psychostimulants; Respiratory/Cerebral Stimulant; Weight Loss; DEA Class CIV; FDA Approval Pre 1982; Top 200 Drugs) by ingesting Adipex would you not get a positive panel for amphetamine?

On Drug Testing
By: The Department of Pharmacology
Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA

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