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"2nd Place Winning Entry"


2nd Place Winning Entry - Rememory

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Since her eyes opened, she wandered away from the Mother Cat who so nicely chose my porch to have her brood. She claimed us as her people, crawling on our shoes and hanging on for dear life.

By the time she was three weeks old, she realized that an open door was indeed an invitation to move in, and she did.

By the time she was four weeks old, she realized that those BIG Kitties that lived inside had food and water dishes, which she would climb into to eat and drink. Of course, she continuously chocked, so we had to get her special kitty food, and she still has difficulty drinking water without getting soaked because she usually ends up sitting in the water dish. But she was a quick learner, and she realized that in order to stay, she had to find a way to get into that BIG box like the BIG kitties did to go to the bathroom.

She would sit on her butt and sort of spring up to catch her paws on the opening and she would struggle and struggle until she finally got inside the litter box. After all of the struggling, she normally forgot what she had started to do and fell asleep, curled up in the corner of the litter box.

She also figured out that sleeping with people was much better than sleeping with her brothers and sisters. And she adopted the two six-month-old kittens as her family, they sleep together, eat together and play together.

Yep, she fits right in, how can I possibly let her go?

Oh, a name you ask?

Yes, we did give her a name, BEAR. I was going to call her Beanie Baby, but I decided she was as cuddly as an old teddy bear, besides, she looks like one of the cartoon characters when she sits on her butt to watch televsison.


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