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Labor Bills
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Bills Regarding Labor Practices Presently Before New York Legislature

Bill A02294
In most cases, employees  who  have  been  permanently 
injured in the workplace are compensated at a rate that amounts to far        
less  than  their  previous annual income. For those classified with a        
total  permanent  disability,  this  can   cause   serious   financial        
difficulties  due to incurred costs stemming from continuous specialty        
health care services provided to  ensure  a  measure  of  comfort  and        
quality of life
According   to   data  obtained  from  the  New  York  State  Workers`        
Compensation Board, only an  estimated  350  employees  per  year  are       
classified as having a permanent total disability. Considering how few        
are actually classified in this category and acknowledging the extreme        
nature  of  these injuries, a reasonable cost-of-living increase based        
on 50%  of  the  annual  increase  in  the  Consumer  Price  Index  is        
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This bill has been referred to the Labor Department
Becomes Effective July 1, 2002          
Bill A05132
To raise the state minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.75 on and after              
1/1/2003; provides for increase on or before 1/1/2004 and annually            
thereafter based on increases in CPI
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This Bill has been passed by the Assembly
Bill A01170
Enacts the "unemployed health insurance protection plan of New York" to provide health insurance coverage for unemployed persons receiving unemployment benefits; provides that such health insurance coverage is to be provided exclusively by an insurer selected on a bidding process established by the unemployment health insurance advisory board, herein created; also provides that the premiums for such coverage, at the participants request, are to come directly out of unemployment insurance benefits; makes numerous related provisions.
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This bill has been referred to The Department of Insurance

Bill A00218
This act is needed to prevent any discrimination that might occur by          
an employer against an employee because the employee chose to exercise        
their duty and privilege of serving on a jury.  In the past, an               
employer could not penalize or discharge an employee who served on a         
jury.  This act would further clarify the law, allowing more employees        
to feel more secure in fulfilling their obligation, thereby allowing          
more persons to participate in the jury process. In turn, this would          
give our juries a greater cross-section of the population and make            
juries more representative of society.  This act would also allow for         
civil penalties and civil action against employers which will help to         
ensure that employers do not penalize, discharge or discriminate              
against those employees who are called to serve on juries.
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This Bill has been referred to Judiciary
Bill A00762
Labor Law S 591 provides that a claimant must be totally unemployed in       
order to be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits.  The         
interpretation of this statute has resulted in the inequitable                
situation where an individual laid off from factory employment was            
denied unemployment insurance benefits on the basis of their                  
performing odd jobs around a relative`s farm even though they received        
no payment for this labor and had no ownership interest on the farm.          
The result of this interpretation acts to discourage work performed by        
family members upon a farm and unfairly disqualifies them for                 
unemployment insurance benefits.  This unintended result runs contrary        
to the often stated state policy of preserving family farms and               
strengthening agriculture in New York.
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This bill has been referred to the Department of Labor

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