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Insurance Bills
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Bills regarding protection against unscrupulous insurance company in regards to automobile insurance

Bill A00184:
To require disclosure to motor vehicle owners of information on               
certain replacement crash parts for repairs to their motor vehicles           
and to prevent both motor vehicle repair shops and insurance companies        
from requiring the use of aftermarket parts for repair unless the             
owner of the vehicle consents in writing at the time of the repair.
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This bill was referred to the Department of Transportation
Bill A00560
 At present, the collision or comprehensive claims            
negotiation process between the insurer and the repairmen, who in most        
cases represents the consumer having been appointed as his "designated        
representatives" as per the applicable Insurance Law regulation, are          
conducted on less than equal footing with the insurer enjoying a              
substantial bargaining position advantage due to its size, financial          
resource and ability to exert influence or both the consumer and the          
repair process.  Insurers in many instances force consumers to accept,        
in settlement of claims, sums far less than sufficient to restore the         
damaged vehicle to pre-loss condition.  Insurers in these situations          
often adopt to a "take it or leave it" position requiring the consumer        
to accept the insufficient sum or incur substantial time and expense          
in pursuing available legal remedies.  This legislation would simply          
require insurers to negotiate in good faith on  ALL  items necessary          
to repair the vehicle, including hourly labor rate, which insurers            
steadfastly refuse to negotiate on while paying labor rates which are         
determined by insurers, who have a direct interest in settling claims         
as cheaply as possible.                                                       
When insurers are permitted to pay less than a sum which is sufficient        
to properly repair a vehicle, the consumer is harmed by being denied          
the benefits of his insurance contract and is forced to accept a              
vehicle which is returned to him/her in less than pre-loss condition.         
Further, improper and unsafe repairs often result from this situation         
as the repairer is forced to "cut corners" and repair the car on the          
less than sufficient sum paid by the insurer.                                 
This bill would merely attempt to place the consumer (through his             
designated representative, the repairer) on a more than equal footing         
with the insurer by requiring the insurer to conduct negotiations in          
good faith and offer sufficient monies to properly and safely repair          
the vehicle, in accordance with its obligations under the insurance           
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This bill was referred to the Department of Insurance

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