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Child Support Problems
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Child Support Problems

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The problems continued. As soon as the social security number was picked up, the non-custodial parent quit their job. The non-custodial parent is now claiming that they have not had a job in all of the years since they left the area. The non-custodial parent has house-set, crewed on ships, etc, in exchange for board.

Many of oour readers should recall that this same system has placed the value of certain payments as gifts by other people lost within its depths. Here lies a complete opposite. Issues has heard horror story after horror story. We have seen total checks taken from people who have made less money then their custodial ex-partners, we have heard time after time, that hearing examiners have told non-custodial parents to get a second job if they cannot afford to live. Here we are hearing that the non-custodial parent, the same person who initiated the process, has been excused from payments because of a claim of no employment.

Soemthing is definately wrong with this system. No matter where you look, someone is being cheated; that someone is normally the children.

Issues stand remains: THIS SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK! It is definately time for it to be revised. Maybe its time to see to it that a politician becomes divorced and sent into the HELL of the child support collection unit. I believe that this would cure the problems quickly.

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