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July 6, 2002
"Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded."

-- - Goethe

Continued from Front Page:

Please accept my apology for the lack of updates throughout the week. I also apologize that the continuation of these stories will not be ready in a timely manner. As many of you are already aware, I have a physical problem which causes me to suffer from chronic pain. I have more recently found a physical therapist who specializes in pain management. He has been remarkable, but this past week has found my condition deteriorating once again.....


I have been progressing so well, that I found the my quality of life to be improving and  my need for pain medication almost gone. I have slowly been increasing my activities. I am able to do dishes, providing that there are only a few, I would say less than five minutes of standing at the sink. I have been able to run my feather duster around the house. I can sweep the floor, and sit in front of the kitty litter box to clean it, changing kitty litter is still another story. I am even able to ride farther in a vehicle, driving short distances also suffices. I was even able to increase the time I spent in front of the computer from ten minutes an hour to ten minutes every half hour. To most of you, this is but normal activity and I am sure it is difficult for you to understand why I felt it was a miracle. When the only thing you can do in comfort is sit and sleep in a recliner with your leg elevated, using heat and ice intermittently to decrease the necessity for pain medication, everything that you could once achieve becomes a miracle when you find yourself achieving it again.

I have slowly been increasing my activity, trying something new everyday. My limitations are still many, but the routine I utilize to discover the "I can do it's" is really quite simple. I find an activity that I use to accomplish on a regular basis and attempt it again. I spend ten minutes or the first tinge of pain attempting the activity. Last Sunday, I attempted to mow the lawn. I spent years mowing the lawn, not because it was a task, but because it was a great way to exercise, get some fresh air and keep in shape. I aimed for a flat piece of ground, a section approximately thirty feet long and five feet wide. I made it around the section one and one half times before I felt a pain run down my leg. I didn't even bring the lawnmower to the basement door. I simply left it where it sat, and returned to the house. I was able to control most of the pain with my pain management exercises, therefore, I felt it was simply not an activity I was ready to try again, anytime soon.

Two days later, I had to make an appearance in court. I was still suffering a minor amount of pain from attempting to mow the section of lawn. I doubled my pain management exercises before I left, actually feeling good by the time I had to g et into the car. My husband drove, because the trip took forty five minutes one way, and I am still not able to drive that far. However, I have learned how to sit while I ride so that I can eliminate pain. I was still in a fairly pain free state by the time we arrived in the city. We parked the car and walked the block and a half to where the court session had been moved. This was the warmest day of the year, it was already 92 degrees and the humidity was unbearable. I was nearly forty five minutes early, so I chose to sit on a bench outside of the courthouse. The pain in my leg had begun to increase, I did what pain management exercises I could do in public, but I knew I needed to do more.

My lawyer arrived and we talked for about fifteen minutes before entering the court room. I was appalled that at the last minute they had moved this hearing from a newer, air-conditioned building to the archaic monster. The court room was enclosed, not one window opened. There were no fans, no air conditioning, and the heat and humidity had grown unbearable.  I was forced to sit, fifteen minutes before the hearing. Since my problem is a leg problem, most people would assume that sitting would be the best thing for pain relief - UNTRUE! Posture is extremely important in the relief of pain, and the longer I sit, the worse my posture becomes. I attempt to resituate myself to ease the growing pain in my leg. The problem was, it was quite difficult to do my pain  management exercises. I did try to do a few back arcs while sitting in the witness chair, that only succeeded in making everyone think I had a worse attitude, than I really did. I was in pain, grouchy and I anticipated the questions, answering before they were completely asked. Oh, well, if it doesn't appear good for me, so be it. I had other issues that were far more pressing.

By the time I left the hearing, I was in a great deal of pain. My husband drove me directly to the pain management specialist's office.  Even though I was forty five minutes from home, I was one half hour from the office. After my treatment, I still had a forty five minute ride to get home. All of the little things I had been able to once again enjoy, were whisked away. My pain management exercises have increased from once an hour to four times an hour. My leg strengthening exercises have been temporarily suspended. I have had to totally rely on my family once again. They tend to everything, including my computer duties. However, they must wait for me to hand write the articles so that they can place them onto the computer. Once again, I find just how much my family does for me, how much they love me. Maybe that is the lesson I am to be learning.  In the meantime, I have to continue to apologize for my lack of attentiveness to this web page. When I began this project, I felt assured that I would be able to handle updates and articles in a timely manner, I was wrong.

For those of you who stop by week after week, I do apologize for the lack of news, but I also appreciate your support. May God Bless each and everyone of you.

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